DeepSleep unreliable. Current 16uA or 160uA

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DeepSleep unreliable. Current 16uA or 160uA

Postby Gadam » Mon Nov 27, 2017 3:41 am

i cant get my ESP8266 (12S) working correctly. Just as excercise i run a simple scetch that waits 10s and put my ESP into deep sleep.

At first everything goes well. I get readings about 16uA but after many resets or the next day i get over 100uA without changing anything in the code or HDW.
GPIO16 tied to RESET with use of 1kOhm resistor...

Anyone else faced such issue? Could this be faulty unit maybe?

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void setup() {

  ESP.deepSleep(30 * 1000000);

void loop() {

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