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Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 5:51 pm
by ESP_Faye
All Documents| 所有文档 EN/CN

Datasheet 技术规格表

Design Guideline 设计指南

    Technical description of ESP8266EX, ESP-LAUNCHER, ESP-WROOM-02 and ESP-WROOM-01.
    ESP8266EX 芯片、ESP-LAUNCHER 开发板、ESP-WROOM-02 和 ESP-WROOM-01 模组的硬件信息。

  • ESP-WROOM-02 PCB Design and Module Placement Guide English 中文

Hareware Resources 硬件资源

Technical References 技术参考

Getting Started 入门指南

Programming Guide 编程指南

API Reference API参考

Application Notes 应用笔记

  • Jump Test of ESP8266's Secondary Bootloader (v1.6+) (V1.6+) English 中文
  • ESP8266 Reset Causes and Common Fatal Exception Causes English 中文
  • ESP8266 SDK Application Note Firmware Download Protocol English 中文

User Guide 用户指南

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