Debugging DHCP

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Debugging DHCP

Postby blubb » Fri Sep 08, 2017 7:50 pm


I've got a new router from my ISP. After installing it I noticed I can no longer access my ESP modules by hostname. It worked great with my old router. Also ALL OTHER DEVICES (several Windows and Linux machines and Android devices) are still accessible (pingable) by their hostnames on the new router. So it is clear there is something wrong with the ESP firmware.
DHCP is working, at least the IPs are properly assigned. I can ping and access the modules using their IPs.

After playing around for a while I noticed that if I reset the ESP, hostname access works for a few minutes but vanishes then. After that only IP access is possible. Strange.

I am using the most recent Github master branch of the NONOS SDK.

I set the hostname doing this early on in my code:


What debugging options do I have? There is nothing special in the log. No difference to my old router.

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