Question concerning the topology-request

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Question concerning the topology-request

Postby Lukas F. » Tue May 02, 2017 9:05 pm

Good morning from Germany,

I'm currently working on an own implementation of an ESP8266-based mesh-network. I really like your demo-version and most of the implementation-details are understandable, but there is one point I can't get to figure out concerning the topology-request, or, to be more precise in the function mesh_none_proto_parser in mesh_none.c and I was hoping, that you would be able to help me. :-)

The question is the following:

Does only the root-device react to a topology-request or all nodes reached by the broadcast from mesh_topo_test? Just looking at mesh_none_proto_parser, it would seem, that only the root device answers (with M_O_TOPO_RESP as option and all currently registered devices MAC-addresses as option-value). But from mesh_parser.c I would think, that all nodes reached by the broadcast should execute mesh_none_proto_parser and therewith set the MAC-address of the sending node as root as well as the broadcast-address as a sub-device.

I really hope that you can help me. :-)
If you are interested, I can upload my own mesh-implementation to Git as a further example after I finished it.

With best regards,


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