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by michael.ughetti
Thu Mar 05, 2020 6:29 pm
Forum: General Q&A
Topic: ESP8285H16 - unable to run AT bin 1.7.2
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ESP8285H16 - unable to run AT bin 1.7.2

Hello, I have a design working with standard ESP8285 with 8Mbits flash. I bought the new ESP8285H16 on Mouser last week for a new batch of the same design. I've downloaded last "Download tool" and "AT firmware" but couldn't get it to work. I've attached a picture with the program...
by michael.ughetti
Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:38 pm
Forum: General Q&A
Topic: ESP8285 AT firmware programming
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ESP8285 AT firmware programming

Hello, I'd like to program the AT firmware on an ESP8285 (custom board). I've found my way through programming but I got an error at startup. See attached pictures of programming screen and error. Could you explain to me what I'm doing wrong ? Bonus question : is there a way to start with 115200 bau...

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