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by rojer
Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:20 am
Forum: ESP8266 SDK
Topic: Cannot connect to APs with password + CCMP
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Cannot connect to APs with password + CCMP

hi. i'm having problems connecting to wifi networks that are secured by password with CCMP (AES) cipher. the only way to get wifi with password to work is to force TKIP only - any other mode, including TKIP+CCMP, won't work. i have a pretty small test program: all it doe...
by rojer
Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:57 pm
Forum: ESP8266 SDK
Topic: SSL server certificate verification
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SSL server certificate verification

hi i want to use ESP to talk to an HTTPS server, and i know about espconn_secure_connect and such. what i do not see in the SDK, however, is a way to pass CA certificates that should be trusted. and since having SSL/TLS without actually verifying the server is like having none at all, i'm wondering ...

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