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Custom esphttpd

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2015 5:27 am
by izhak2

I've been using billprozac's fork and continued developing for my own purposes.
At last I decided to share my work, in case someone will benefit from it.

Basically, I re-wrote the whole code and fixed few things.
My work is available on
with a step-by-step guide here ... pment.html

I'll be updating it along with my own ongoing work on the chip, and you're welcome to suggest features you want me to add.
Sure, please report on any bugs found.
I hope you'll find it useful.

Disclaimer - this is a custom version, and the main project development is at Sprite's git.

Re: Custom esphttpd

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 3:30 pm
by donquixote2u

would be interested to know why you "rewrote the whole code" - what needed fixing? and is there additional functionality from the billprozac fork?