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Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 5:23 pm
by beegee1962
An Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 module used to remotely control aircons through WiFi.
First use is to switch on aircons automatically if our solar panels produce more energy that we are consuming.
Second use is to control all aircons from a Android phone or tablet.
The electronics is very simple:
The software is a little bit more complex.
    The module connects to a power monitoring system I build. The monitoring system is based on an Arduino Yun and measures power consumption and the production of a solar power system.
    Depending on the production of the solar panels the aircon is automatically switched on in fan or cooling mode
    Commands to control the aircon are received through a small HTTP server running on the ESP8266 module
    Additional possibility to remotely control the aircon from any Android phone over the WiFi connection
I wrote an instructable about this project. It describes the different circuits I build to record the IR codes from the aircon remote controllers, to flash the ESP8266 without a FDDI or USBtoSerial cable and the final WiFi remote control board.
In the instructable I give as well a short description about the application software.

You can check the instructables about it ESP8266 WiFi Controlled Aircon Remote

The complete source code and Fritzing files are available on my Github repository