proposal: DIY Shield "WifIco" Public Domain for Breadboard

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proposal: DIY Shield "WifIco" Public Domain for Breadboard

Postby rudi » Thu Nov 13, 2014 6:37 pm

Hi guys

next Breadboard friendly Shield

Probably you know what the ESP8266, if not it is a very cheap Uart to Wifi module (more info). Anyhow to the important part.
This module is 3.3V and my Arduino is 5V. There is a problem. Also the module is not "breadboard friendly".
So there are two problems that a simple interface board can fix very easy. Based on that, I have a few ideas running in my head about this. I am in the process of designing a board that I would like to build a prototype.
What this magic board do?
1. Voltage regulator, IN 5V and regulate to 3.3V with 3.3V output as well.
2. Level shifter for RX and TX signals, so you can wire it up straight to the arduino.
3. Bread board friendly header pins for easy testing.

This is a very small design to keep it cheap. As is of now it is 1 inch by 1 inch. It is not in its final stage, however I like to write about it, just in case.

....... ... interface/

eagle files:

last projekt version eagle files too:

have fun and thank you soynerdito ;-)

best wishes rudi ;-)
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