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(Open source)ESP8266 ino-like Lua/serial debugger

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:26 am
by coolzoom
Originally i planed to write some convenient library for NodeMCU for myself easy use, for example how cool is it just write wifiStart(Mode,SSID,PWD), or serverStart(htmlFile), However I just too lazy to deal with the Lua string functions. so i end up with just the debugger. This is a small lua script debugger for NodeMCU firmware, can also be used as a serial debugger. this is just an Arduino-like clean interface, no codes inside use Arduino core.

本来为了想方便自己使用想针对NodeMCU再做一套简单的库函数直接调用,例如假如做个wifiStart(Mode,SSID,PWD)函数就直接启用wifi就太棒了, 后来发现自己太懒,看到了lua"(%a+)%s*=%s*(%a+)(%w)") 之类的字符串操作函数头昏眼花,索性到此为止,做个调试器好了。这个程序是专门针对简单应用做的,一般来讲我们通常将文件上传到init.lua文件中,所以这个程序可以直接针对init.lua进行操作,

source code:

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