Not configure WiFi credentials using AT+CWJAP_DEF?

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Not configure WiFi credentials using AT+CWJAP_DEF?

Postby vishal.borle » Thu Mar 08, 2018 1:32 pm

Hi every one,
I have developing product using ESP8266-01 and interface with other host MCU, Host MCU to ESP communicate using UART with AT command. our product is on Battery source for low power consumption i have control WiFi_CH_PD pin with host GPIO MCU if i want wifi connection with host MCU that time i high GPIO pin and send AT command to ESP via UART.

But problem is when i send wifi credentials to ESP for configuration at that time i also high WiFi ch_pd pin then send "AT+CWJAP_DEF="SSID_Name","PASS"\r\n". But at that same time my Esp and host mcu reset and ESP is continue with old wifi credentials not configure as per new SSID name and password.
If i connect ch_pd pin with direct vcc itis working fine but my battery power consumption is very high continuously.
I have connect WiFi ch_pd pine to host GPIO with 10k resistor.
Please help me what should i do ??

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