MCU+ ESP8266 AP+Sta

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MCU+ ESP8266 AP+Sta

Postby HuBen » Mon Jun 18, 2018 4:07 pm

I currently work at a project connecting STM32 series of MCU and ESP8266.
My main target is to send a series of commands from STM32 to an ESP8266 module using AT commands with intention to do the following:
- (1) My device has to work both as AP and Station;
- (2) First AP has to be created with an http server ( at command) to display a configuration page to the web- browsers of connected devices at ( for example). This page will serve as a configuration panel for both AP, Station settings of the ESP8266 and also for setting other parameters of the STM32 functions.
After successful connection I need to start sending strings received from serial communication by the stm32 to created by me web- service/ server.
My main questions are:
- (3) am I able to do all of that communication continuously using only 4 pins of the esp8266. ( I have a modules for prototyping providing only them- MOD-esp8266-Olimex with only TX, RX, 3v3, GND provided via the UEXT connector ).
The product (UART-> STM32-> Wi-Fi->PrivateCloud) will be used commercially in Industrial environment;
- (4) Can I do it without flashing the module and using AT commands v. ( I experienced a problem creating my AP with custom name and parameter for the configuration router- like part of the project. My supplier send me the modules with that firmware and I need to plan that for the production phase of the project: firmware upgrading of the modules too will cost additional time and recourses, but if necessary I’ll manage to do it)

Please, give me structured advice for the points you have competence for, including software platforms/ library for rapid ( open- source) software development, although options for hardware changes ( designing my own add-on board for the esp8266 module

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