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Force Light/Sleep AT Command

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:53 pm
by Jan Kijonka
Dear tech. support,

After long lasting optimization of power consumption in my battery application, I'm asking here for adding AT command for Force Light-Sleep. And also maybe AT command for quick connect from deep-sleep (with known stored connection information).

I have tested light-sleep mode for various of DTIM and beacon intervals set in my router. The lowest power consumption was achieved for the lowest value of beacon interval set to 20 ms and DTIM set to 1! For higher values the results are not stable. Sometimes the light-sleep is started about 100ms after the data packet is send, but sometimes it takes about 2s to switch to light-sleep mode! In these scenarios, the power consumption is three times higher. I would like to achieve stable result with forced light-sleep AT command sent just after the send OK is received from ESP8266. I hope it helps to achieve better results without setting router to some extreme small DTIM and beacon interval values.

I added waveforms from scope. In the first yellow waveform there are wake-up spikes from host MCU, second waveform shows power consumption, where 1mv ~ 1mA (I used 1Ohm resistor in the current path). You can see that for standard router settings, there are many random spikes increasing the average current to 28.0mA (this is not stable, sometimes there are as high values as 65 mA average current!!!). For extremely low values router settings, we can achieve more stable result, but not ideal...

Thank you for your response and possible further collaboration for light-sleep mode power consumption optimization.
Jan Kijonka

Re: Force Light/Sleep AT Command

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 2:52 pm
by Her Mary
Has to be AT? I heard that they are optimizing the new ESP8266 RTOS light sleep to get lower power consumption.