sftp server using esp8266

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sftp server using esp8266

Postby prattom » Wed Jan 18, 2017 4:23 pm

I am new to esp8266 module. I want to download file from sftp server. How can I connect to sftp server to download file? I tried using following command AT+CIPSTART="TCP","demo@test.rebex.net",22 but the response of this command is always DNS FAIL. Can anyone guide how to proceed and AT commands which I should use to download or upload from sftp server. Thanks

Ok I have realised my mistake the command should be AT+CIPSTART="TCP","test.rebex.net",22 and using I am able to make a tcp connection to sftp server but now how should I proceed further? Is their any example of sftp protocol using esp8266 module?

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Re: sftp server using esp8266

Postby pratik » Fri Jan 20, 2017 1:54 pm


Here is a good point to start figuring out how to issue commands and parse the incoming data. You should always start with command line tools when trying to figure out how to work on the protocol level. After this, you may directly use AT commands to do what you did on the terminal.
And at the moment, I don't recall any previous implementations of SFTP directly with ESP8266 AT firmware. But you should be able to use a standard SFTP library with its hardware level functions modified to use ESP AT commands.
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