CIPSERVER no input when connecting

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CIPSERVER no input when connecting

Postby JackB » Tue May 16, 2017 2:07 pm

Hello, I'm trying to setup a server on the 8266, and have followed all the examples,
and connect to the AP from a laptop and go to the in my web browser, but I get nothing,
and the browser times out after a little bit saying no response.

As I understand the examples, I should get a "Linked" reply, and then the +IPD input,
but I am getting no inputs. I really hope this isn't a firmware issue, as I don't know how I will upload new firmware,
as I'm using a micro to connect, I don't have a real computer-serial line connection to the 8266.

The AT+GMR info on the 8266 is:
version: 1 2016 20:04:45)
SDK version:
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Re: CIPSERVER no input when connecting

Postby pratik » Thu May 18, 2017 12:38 pm

Are you on the same local network?
You should try to use command prompt in Windows and try "ping <esp ip address>" to see if it responds to pings. If it does, then you are set up properly but something is wrong with AT command setup.

YOu can use the server mode in 2 ways:
- Connect your computer and ESP to same router and access ESP server. In this case the ESP server IP will not be It will be the IP assigned to ESP by your router! Maybe this is what your issue is.
- Other way is to set ESP as access point and then connect to it and access the ESP server. In this case IP will be by default.
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