RTS ouput never asserted but it should be

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RTS ouput never asserted but it should be

Postby exerion » Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:40 pm


I'm having some troubles with RTS line in a ESP8266 (AT version:, SDK version:2.1.0), basically it nevers become active.
Handhsake is correctly enabled for both CTS and RTS, and CTS works perfectly.
As far as I understand RTS will be asserted when ESP buffer has room for more data, but in this case it is never asserted.

I tried to saturate the buffer sending big packets with CTS disabled so the ESP only can receive remote data and store in the buffer, but RTS never changes. Buffer full or empty, RTS never changes.

Any idea about this? I'd appreciate any.

BTW, I found a couple of inconsistencies in the returned messages from CIPSTART command, but the most surprising was this,

AT+CIPSTART=x,"TCP","xxxxx",xxxxx (i removed the data)

Yes, connected to channel 246 and most surprising, working... a couple of minutes later it reseted but not before sending or receiving some data. Magic...

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Re: RTS ouput never asserted but it should be

Postby Her Mary » Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:24 am

UART RTS? You can set it by command AT+UART_CUR.
The CIPSTART issue is very interesting, can you provide your test steps and AT logs?

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