How to adapt to weixin(wechat) iot AirKiss?

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How to adapt to weixin(wechat) iot AirKiss?

Postby blandodo » Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:42 pm

I want to control my device with weixin(wechat).
my ESP8266 downloaded SDK 2.1.0 and have already get WIFI password by AirKiss
But I can't bind my device to my weixin account because of weixin cannot accept a device haven't been registered.
which tells me that after password configuration, device should broadcast the deviceid to match weixin.
But AT command is static library in SDK 2.1.0.
How can I set device id in this SDK ?(which is more simple than developing by myself)

Sad to find that ESP8266 AT command is not open source :

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