ESP8266-wifi模组认证通知 ESP8266 Wifi Module Certification Notice

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ESP8266-wifi模组认证通知 ESP8266 Wifi Module Certification Notice

Postby Ilove8266 » Fri Dec 19, 2014 5:01 pm






Dear All,

There are so many different ESP8266 wifi modules on the market. Module design and quality will also affect the usage of ESP8266.

In order to confirm that the user encountered problem is due to the chip itself or software development or module quality, Espressif now decide to certify all types of ESP8266 modules on the market.

Those who have purchased ESP8266 chips to produce wifi modules, please provide the PCB schematic diagram,3 modules and one test board (for their own module type) to Espressif. The module type which could pass the test of Espressif will be posted on BBS and the official website then.

Please contact

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