Bird seed

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Bird seed

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They can put their own decorations and paint on the outside of the bird feeder to make something fun and colorful.Theyre totally worth the effort though!Youll need to do some woodworking to put this project together but in the end, it shouldnt take too long.The finished result is really nice too, and you can make it any color you want.It also makes for a great bit of backyard decor.You basically just hollow out some holes into a log and stick bird feed into them! This type of feeder will attract tree clinging birds.Its also a great way to share a love of wildlife with children who may be too young use binoculars or to properly enjoy birds in nature.However, if youve ever purchased seeds at the supermarket or hardware store, youre probably aware that the blends they sell contain a lot of filler seeds which birds turn their beaks up at.This junky birdseed ends up all over the ground, wasting money and attracting rodents.What are the best types of seed to buy for wild birds?It really depends on which birds are found in your neighborhood, and by trying a variety of high quality seeds, youll begin to see who is most likely to visit and you can tailor your feeding to the birds who come by most often.Its not that nobody will eat them, but either they feed varieties of bird which rarely visit backyard feeders such as ducks, or your backyard birds prefer to eat every other type of seed first before they will reluctantly eat these fillers, meaning these get swept to the ground and are often eaten by rodents.Thats good, because the only birds who eat milo are larger ground feeders such as ducks, wild turkeys, pigeons and doves, starlings and quail.It doesnt seem to be anybodys favorite , but sparrows, jays, towhees, blackbirds, quail, ducks, and wild turkeys will all nibble on it.Wherever possible, research your birdseed sources and create your own blends so that you can examine the ingredients and be aware of what exactly is going inside your feeder.If you buy commercially available blends, just make sure you pull the weeds underneath your bird feeders before the plants flower and spread.WHAT KIND OF BIRD SEED SHOULD YOU BUY? When youre first starting out with your backyard birdfeeder, you dont yet know what types of birds are in your neighborhood.Begin by choosing a few high quality ingredients which feed a wide variety of []birds,[/url] and see who visits.Once you get an idea of who is coming, you can tailor your seed purchases to their palates.You can also buy aspirational seed in the hopes of attracting birds who are in the neighborhood less frequently, but may be coerced to visit with a tasty snack.Most of the mixes contain milo which, as we already discussed, very few birds eat.Milo often attracts European starlings and pigeons, neither of which you really want at your feeders because they will crowd out birds that have a harder time getting food in the winter.Dont feel sorry for the starlings and pigeons though; theyll fly off to the McDonalds parking lot and be dining happily all winter.Its rich in both fats and proteins which is needed to keep birds healthy.This seed is also called sunflower hearts.

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Re: Bird seed

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