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[AT Patch] Patch for ESP8266_AT_V0.60 based on ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_V1.5.2

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:31 am
by ESP_Faye
Change the download address of AT non-boot mode (eagle.flash.bin + eagle.irom0text.bin) as:
eagle.flash.bin download to Flash 0x00000
eagle.irom0text.bin download to Flash 0x10000

1. Firmware upgrade through WiFi (AT+CIUPDATE) is not supported in non-boot mode.
2. 4Mbit Flash is not supported in both non-boot mode and with-boot mode.

More details are in the attachment, \at\readme.txt.

由于 AT 功能增加,non-boot 模式(eagle.flash.bin + eagle.irom0text.bin)修改烧录地址如下:
eagle.flash.bin 烧录到 Flash 地址 0x00000
eagle.irom0text.bin 烧录到 Flash 地址 0x10000

1. non-boot 模式不支持升级功能(AT+CIUPDATE)。
2. AT 固件的 non-boot 模式和 with-boot 模式均不支持 4Mbit Flash。

详细请参考附件 \at\readme.txt 中的说明进行烧录。