[SDK Release] ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_MBEDTLS_20160718

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[SDK Release] ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_MBEDTLS_20160718

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ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_MBEDTLS_20160718 Release

Important Links
Here are the links for this SDK release (version ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_MBEDTLS_20160718):
  1. Download Related Documentation
  2. Bug Bounty Program

Release Notes
1. Features
1.1. Supports TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2, doesn’t support SSL 3.0.
1.2. TLS cache of 2048 to 8192 bytes.
1.3. Supports AES-128 and AES-256 encryption algorithm, and CBC mode.
1.4. Supports SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512 hash algorithm.
1.5. Supports RSA-512, RSA-1024, RSA-2048 algorithm.
1.6. Supports certificates in PEM format and DER format.
1.7. Supports both unidirectional authentication and bidirectional authentication.
1.8. Supports three-tier certificate chain parsing.
1.9. Doesn’t support verify three-tier certificate chain with root certificate.

2. Usage
2.1. For ESP8266_NONOS_SDK versions older than 2.0.0, copy include, ld and lib folders in the directory of ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_EMBEDTLS to SDK root directory. For version 2.0.0 and later, only the lib folder needs to be copied.
2.2. “-lssl” in Makefile of user’s project directory should be modified into “-lmbedtls” if the user has utilized libssl.a before. There is no need to modify any user code.
2.3. mbedtls_demo includes source code of mbedtls, espconn_secure_xxxx APIs and a simple example.
    2.3.1. Copy the entire folder of mbedtls_demoto the SDK root directory.
    2.3.2. Find and run "./make_lib.sh mbedtls" in mbedtls_demo directory. Source code of mbedtls will be automatically compiled and generate libmbedtls.a which will be copied to SDK/lib directory.
    2.3.3. Test firmware of mbedtls_demo can be generated via ./gen_misc.sh.

Have fun!



    以下是最新SDK的相关下载链接 (版本 ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_MBEDTLS_20160718):
  1. 文档下载链接
  2. 您可以继续参与 Bug Bounty 计划

1. 特性
1.1. 支持TLS1.0,TLS1.1,TLS1.2,不支持SSL3.0
1.2. TLS 缓存范围2048~8192
1.3. 支持AES128,AES256加密算法,CBC模式
1.4. 支持SHA1,SHA256,SHA384,SHA512哈希算法
1.5. 支持RSA512,RSA1024,RSA2048秘钥算法
1.6. 支持PEM,DER格式证书
1.7. 支持单向认证,双向认证
1.8. 支持三级证书链解析
1.9. 不支持使用root证书验证三级证书链

2. 使用
2.1. 如ESP8266_NONOS_SDK版本低于2.0.0,请将ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_EMBEDTLS目录下的include、ld、lib文件夹拷贝到SDK根目录进行覆盖;高版本的,只需拷贝lib目录
2.2. 如用户之前已采用libssl.a,则可修改用户工程目录下的Makefile,将“-lssl”修改为"-lmbedtls",用户代码不需做任何修改
2.3. mbedtls_demo示例包含了mbedtls源码、espconn_secure_xxxx接口具体实现,以及一个简单示例。
    2.3.2.进入mbedtls_demo目录,执行命令 ./make_lib.sh mbedtls ,会自动编译mbedtls源码生成libmbedtls.a,并拷贝该库到SDK/lib目录
    2.3.3.通过 ./gen_misc.sh 可生成该demo的测试固件
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