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Please do NOT use this old version SDK, use the latest SDK instead.
请勿使用本旧版本 SDK,建议使用 最新发布 SDK

Since the launch of the Espressif Bug Bounty Program beginning on March 20, 2015, we’ve received some important bug reports across the world which have helped us a lot in improving our SDK and our support to customers as well. We’d like to name them in our release note to show our great appreciations to all of the reporters for their feedback.

ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_V1.0.1_15_04_24 release note
Note: AT added some functions so flash size need to be 1024KB or more than that.

Resolved Issues(Bugs below are eligible for Bug Bounty Program):
1. SSL connection may fail if SSL packet size larger than 2kBytes [PeteW ]
2. UDP remote IP to be may cause reset [Jerry S]
3. Optimize wifi_get_ip_info to fix loss of wireless connectivity problem
4. Air-Kiss restart [Orgmar]

1. Optimized IOT_Espressif_EspTouch.APK (apply for access from Espressif) for improved compatibility. [赵云华]
2. TCP server can not open again immediately with the same port [624908539]
3. Update UART driver for parity bit value may be incorrect [1062583993]
4. Add define of “ICACHE_RODATA_ATTR” for Symbol 'ICACHE_RODATA_ATTR' could not be resolved. [龚军臣]
5. Add API wifi_softap_dhcps_set_offer_option to enable/disable ESP8266 softAP DHCP server default gateway. [xyz769]
6. AT register_uart_rx_intr may enter callback twice. [落笔正]
7.optimize document that WPA password length range : 8 ~ 64 bytes [785057041]
8. ESP8266 softAP DHCP server record 8 DHCP client's IP at most [ygjeon]
9. To set static IP (wifi_set_ip_info) has to disable DHCP first(wifi_softap_dhcps_stop or wifi_station_dhcpc_stop)
10.Add example of wifi_softap_set_dhcps_lease
11. smartconfig_start can only be called in ESP8266 station mode

Added APIs:
1. Wi-Fi related APIs:
wifi_station_set_reconnect_policy: enable/disable reconnect when ESP8266 disconnect from router,default to be enable reconnect.
wifi_set_event_handler_cb: set event handler of ESP8266 softAP or station status change.
wifi_softap_dhcps_set_offer_option: enable/disable get router information from ESP8266 softAP, default to be enable.
sntp_get_current_timestamp: get current timestamp from Jan 01, 1970, 00:00 (GMT)
sntp_get_real_time: char,get real time (GTM + 8 time zone)
sntp_init: initialize SNTP
sntp_stop: stop SNTP
sntp_setserver: set SNTP server by IP
sntp_getserver: get SNTP server IP
sntp_setservername: set SNTP server by domain name
sntp_getservername: get domain name of SNTP server set by sntp_setservername
espconn_mdns_init: initialize mDNS
espconn_mdns_close: close mDNS
espconn_mdns_server_register: register mDNS server
espconn_mdns_server_unregister: unregister mDNS server
espconn_mdns_get_servername: get mDNS server name
espconn_mdns_set_servername: set mDNS server name
espconn_mdns_set_hostname: get mDNS host name
espconn_mdns_get_hostname: set mDNS host name
espconn_mdns_disable: disable mDNS
espconn_mdns_enable: endisable mDNS

AT_v0.23 Release Note:
1.AT+CWJAP add parameter "bssid", for several APs may have the same SSID
2.AT add status of ESP8266 station connect to AP

New AT commands:
1. AT+CIPSENDBUF: write data into TCP-send-buffer; non-blocking. Background task automatically handles transmission. Has much higher throughput.
2. AT+CIPBUFRESET: resets segment count in TCP-send-buffer
3. AT+CIPBUFSTATUS: checks status of TCP-send-buffer
4. AT+CIPCHECKSEGID: checks if a specific segment in TCP-send-buffer has sent successfully

自从乐鑫信息科技于 2015-03-20 启动 Bug 赏金计划以来,我们收到了一些重要问题反馈及建议,感谢世界各地的开发者对 ESP8266的关注,推动我们的软件更进一步,技术支持团队也得到迅速地成长。我们将在如下发布日志中点名感谢您的帮助。

ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_V1.0.1_15_04_24 release note
注意:由于AT 新增部分功能,占用空间增大,请使用 1024KB 或以上容量的 flash

修正问题(符合乐鑫 Bug 赏金计划):
1.SSL 连接可能失败,如果加密数据一包大于 2KBytes[PeteW ]
2.UDP 对端 IP 为 导致重启 [Jerry Sy]
3.针对 Wi-Fi 连接异常的问题优化 wifi_get_ip_info 接口
4.Air-Kiss 可能重启 [Orgmar]

1.smartconfig 对于某些路由可能连接失败,优化 IOT_Espressif_EspTouch.apk (可向乐鑫申请).[赵云华]
2.优化刚关闭 TCP 服务器时,不能立刻使用同一端口再创建的问题 [624908539]
3.针对校验位可能不正确的问题,更新 UART [1062583993]
4.新增定义 “ICACHE_RODATA_ATTR”,解决无法使用 'ICACHE_RODATA_ATTR' 定义的问题 [龚军臣]
5.新增接口 API wifi_softap_dhcps_set_offer_option 使能/去能 ESP8266 softAP DHCP server 默认网关 [xyz769]
6.优化 at_register_uart_rx_intr 回调进入两次的问题 [落笔正]
7.修正文档 WPA 密码长度范围 : 8 ~ 64 bytes BBP#61 reporter 785057041]
8.ESP8266 softAP DHCP server 最多纪录 8 DHCP client 的 IP [ygjeon]
9.设置静态 IP (wifi_set_ip_info) 必须先关闭 DHCP (wifi_softap_dhcps_stop 或者 wifi_station_dhcpc_stop)
10.编程手册中 wifi_softap_set_dhcps_lease 增加示例说明
11.smartconfig_start 只能在 ESP8266 单 station 模式调用

新增 APIs:
1.Wi-Fi APIs:
wifi_station_set_reconnect_policy: 设置 ESP8266 station 与路由断开连接时是否重连,默认重连。
wifi_set_event_handler_cb: 设置 ESP8266 softAP 或者 station 状态改变的事件处理回调
wifi_softap_dhcps_set_offer_option: 设置 DHCP client 是否从 ESP8266 softAP DHCP server 获得路由信息, 默认使能路由信息.
sntp_get_current_timestamp: 获得当前时间距离基准时间[1970.01.01 00:00 (GMT)]的时间戳(单位:秒)
sntp_get_real_time: 字符串,获得实际时间 (GTM + 8 time zone)
sntp_init: 初始化 SNTP
sntp_stop: 停止 SNTP
sntp_setserver: 通过 IP 设置 SNTP 服务器
sntp_getserver: 查询 SNTP server IP
sntp_setservername: 通过域名设置 SNTP server
sntp_getservername: 查询 SNTP server 域名,仅支持通过接口 sntp_setservername 设置的信息
espconn_mdns_init: 初始化 mDNS
espconn_mdns_close: 关闭 mDNS
espconn_mdns_server_register: 注册 mDNS server
espconn_mdns_server_unregister: 注销 mDNS server
espconn_mdns_get_servername: 查询 mDNS server 名称
espconn_mdns_set_servername: 设置 mDNS server 名称
espconn_mdns_set_hostname: 查询 mDNS host 名称
espconn_mdns_get_hostname: 设置 mDNS host 名称
espconn_mdns_disable: 去能 mDNS
espconn_mdns_enable: 使能 mDNS

AT_v0.23 release note:
1.AT+CWJAP 增加参数 "bssid", 一般用于多个 APs SSID 相同的情况
2.AT 新增回复 ESP8266 station 连接 AP 的状态

新增 AT commands:
1.AT+CIPSENDBUF: 将数据写入 TCP 发包缓存,则无需等待“SEND OK”,可连续调用
2.AT+CIPBUFRESET: 重置 TCP 发包缓存的数据包计数
3.AT+CIPBUFSTATUS: 查询 TCP 发包缓存中的发包状态
4.AT+CIPCHECKSEGID: 查询 TCP 发包缓存中的某包是否发送成功
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Re: ESP8266 SDK (esp_iot_sdk_v1.0.1_15_04_24)

Postby ESP_Faye » Wed Apr 29, 2015 4:29 pm

Document "ESP8266 SDK Programming Guide" updates.
1.Add ESP8266 soft-AP and station channel configuration in appendix.
2.wifi_softap_get_station_info can only be used when soft-AP DHCP enable.

Thanks for your interest in ESP8266 !
2C-ESP8266__SDK__Programming Guide__EN_v1.0.1.pdf
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Re: ESP8266 SDK (esp_iot_sdk_v1.0.1_15_04_24)

Postby ESP_Faye » Thu May 07, 2015 5:09 pm

Document “2B-ESP8266__SDK__IOT_Demo” updates, revised wrong symbol in curl instructions.
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Re: ESP8266 SDK (esp_iot_sdk_v1.0.1_15_04_24)

Postby ESP_Faye » Fri May 08, 2015 9:45 am

"user_interface.h" and document “ESP8266 SDK programming guide” update, revised function name of "wifi_softap_set_dhcps_offer_option"
2C-ESP8266__SDK__Programming Guide__EN_v1.0.1.pdf
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2C-ESP8266__SDK__Programming Guide__CN_v1.0.1.pdf
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Re: ESP8266 SDK (esp_iot_sdk_v1.0.1_15_04_24)

Postby milesstone » Mon Jan 10, 2022 10:03 pm

ESP_Faye wrote:"user_interface.h" and document “ESP8266 SDK programming guide” update,gb whatsapp revised function name of "wifi_softap_set_dhcps_offer_option"

Thanks ESP_Faye you have solved my issue by starting this post related to this issue and after reading the post I am able to solve mine one thanks.

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Re: ESP8266 SDK (esp_iot_sdk_v1.0.1_15_04_24)

Postby kol909 » Fri Jan 14, 2022 7:05 pm

milesstone wrote:
ESP_Faye wrote:"user_interface.h" and document “ESP8266 SDK programming guide” update,gb whatsapp revised function name of "wifi_softap_set_dhcps_offer_option"

Thanks ESP_Faye you have solved my issue by starting this post related to this issue and after reading the post I am able to solve mine one thanks.

Yes, From this post so many people cleared their doubts like you and me.
Best Regards,

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