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Please do NOT use this old version SDK, use the latest SDK instead.
请勿使用本旧版本 SDK,建议使用 最新发布 SDK

Since the launch of the Espressif Bug Bounty Program beginning on March 20, 2015, we’ve received some important bug reports across the world which have helped us a lot in improving our SDK and our support to customers as well. We’d like to name them in our release note to show our great appreciations to all of the reporters for their feedback.

ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_v1.3.0_15_08_08 Release Note
Resolved Issues(Bugs below are eligible for Bug Bounty Program):
1.Device can't connect to router after it gets ssid and password when using ESPTOUCH with router's ssid hidden.
2.Format string of os_random can't be supported by atoi.
3.Optimized os_printf seems to have an issue on 4 bytes aligned and other valuable suggestions.
4.SmartConfig can’t get IP address after connected to router.

1.Memory optimization to save 12KBytes!
2.Optimize RF calibration to short the booting time,more details in documentation "2A-ESP8266__IOT_SDK_User_Manual" chapter "Appendix".
3.Optimize Wi-Fi function to solve issue that ESP8266 may fail to connect to a special router.
4.Optimize software timer to solve the a connecting problem.
Please do not call "os_delay_us" or "while" or "for" to occupy CPU more than 10 ms in timer callback.
5.Optimize system_get_rst_info to obtain more accurate information about the start-up.
6.Optimize function of Wi-Fi scanning to be more reliable.
7.Optimize function of changing Wi-Fi mode to be more reliable.
8.Optimize WPS to improve connectivity.And WPS does not support WEP, it will return status "WPS_CB_ST_WEP".
9.Optimize Wi-Fi function to solve softAP multiple stations DHCP issue.
10.Optimize TCP in LAST_ACK status.
11.Optimize TLS to support SHA256, SHA384, SHA512.
12.Memory optimization during TLS hand-shaking.
13.Optimize OTA funtion to download big chunk of data.
14.Add CRC32 in OTA function.
Folder "tools" (\esp_iot_sdk_v1.3.0\tools) updated, please use the latest one, otherwise OTA will fail.
15.Optimize mDNS to support both softAP and station interfaces.
16.Optimize ESP-NOW, more details in "Add APIs"
17.Update SmartConfig to version 2.4.7
18.Remove "-O2" from makefile.
19.Optimize header files to improve compatibility, will not affect compilation.

Add APIs:
1.system_soft_wdt_feed : feed software watchdog
2.wifi_softap_get_dhcps_lease:get IP range of ESP8266 softAP DHCP server
esp_now_set_kok: set the secure key to encrypt ESP-NOW communication key
esp_now_register_send_cb: register ESP-NOW send callback
esp_now_unregister_send_cb: unregister ESP-NOW send callback

AT_v0.40 Release Note:
Note: For AT firmware to support FOTA, flash size need to be 1024KB or more than that.

1.Add parameter <max conn> in command "AT+CWSAP" to set the maximum number of connections allowed.

自从乐鑫信息科技于 2015-03-20 启动 Bug 赏金计划以来,我们收到了一些重要问题反馈及建议,感谢世界各地的开发者对 ESP8266的关注,推动我们的软件更进一步,技术支持团队也得到迅速地成长。我们将在如下发布日志中点名感谢您的帮助。

ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_v1.3.0_15_08_08 Release Note
修正问题(符合乐鑫 Bug 赏金计划):
1.如果路由隐藏 SSID,ESPTOUCH 后无法成功连接该路由。
2.os_random 与 atoi 使用不匹配的问题。
3.优化 os_printf 四字节对齐及其他改进建议。
4.SmartConfig 连接到某特殊路由,无法获得 IP 地址。

1.内存优化,节省 12KBytes!
2.优化支持设置 RF 仅上电第一次需校准,以缩短启动时间。详细说明见文档 "2A-ESP8266__IOT_SDK_User_Manual" 中的"附录"。
3.改进 Wi-Fi 功能解决 ESP8266 连不上某特殊路由器的问题。
4.改进软件定时器,解决 Wi-Fi 连接问题。
请勿在定时器执行函数中调用 "os_delay_us" 或 "while" 或 "for" 循环超过 10 ms。
5.优化 system_get_rst_info 以获得更准确的重新启动原因。
6.优化 Wi-Fi 扫描功能,解决指定 SSID 扫描,可能出现扫描结果错误的问题。
7.修正切换 Wi-Fi 模式,可能导致内存泄露的问题。
8.提高 WPS 连接成功率。请注意,WPS 不支持 WEP 加密,会返回出错状态 "WPS_CB_ST_WEP"。
9.解决 softAP 模式下连接多个 stations 可能出现 DHCP 无法分配 IP 的问题。
10.修复 TCP State 处于 LAST_ACK 时间过长的问题。
11.优化 TLS 支持 SHA256, SHA384, SHA512。
12.TLS 握手时的内存优化。
13.改善 OTA 下载大文件失败过于频繁的问题。
14.增加 OTA 升级过程中对bin文件的CRC32校验。
请务必更新“tools”文件夹 (\esp_iot_sdk_v1.3.0\tools),否则无法进行升级。
16.优化 ESP-NOW, 详见 "Add APIs"
17.优化 SmartConfig 至版本 2.4.7

新增 APIs:
1.system_soft_wdt_feed : 软件看门狗的喂狗接口
2.wifi_softap_get_dhcps_lease:查询 ESP8266 softAP DHCP server 分配 IP 的范围
esp_now_set_kok: 设置用于给 ESP-NOW 通信密钥加密的主密钥
esp_now_register_send_cb: 注册 ESP-NOW 发包回调
esp_now_unregister_send_cb: 注销 ESP-NOW 发包回调

AT_v0.40 Release Note
注意:运行 AT 固件,支持云端升级,请使用 1024KB 或以上容量的 flash
1.在指令"AT+CWSAP" 中增加 <max conn> 参数,设置 ESP8266 softAP 允许连接 station 的最大数目。

Thanks for your interest in Espressif Systems and ESP8266 !
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Re: esp_iot_sdk_v1.3.0_15_08_08

Postby ESP_Faye » Tue Aug 11, 2015 7:34 pm

2.Optimize RF calibration to short the booting time,more details in documentation "2A-ESP8266__IOT_SDK_User_Manual" chapter "Appendix".

If enable RF_CAL_IN_FLASH(set 114. byte of esp_init_data.bin to be "1"), system_deep_sleep_set_option and system_phy_set_rfoption will be disabled.
If 114. byte of esp_init_data.bin is 0 , system_deep_sleep_set_option and system_phy_set_rfoption can work.

2.优化支持设置 RF 仅上电第一次需校准,以缩短启动时间。详细说明见文档 "2A-ESP8266__IOT_SDK_User_Manual" 中的"附录"。

1. 使用RF_CAL_IN_FLASH只需参考上述附录,设置 esp_init_data.bin 的 114. byte 为 1 即可。
2. RF_CAL_IN_FLASH目前与 system_deep_sleep_set_option 和 system_phy_set_rfoption 接口调用冲突:
当 esp_init_data_default.bin 的 114. byte 为 1(RF_CAL_IN_FLASH) , system_deep_sleep_set_option 和 system_phy_set_rfoption 就不起作用。
system_deep_sleep_set_option 和 system_phy_set_rfoption 仅在 esp_init_data.bin 的 114. byte 为 0 时起作用。

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