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Postby Admin » Fri Jan 23, 2015 10:34 pm

Please do NOT use this old version SDK, use the latest SDK instead.
请勿使用本旧版本 SDK,建议使用 最新发布 SDK

esp_iot_sdk_v0.9.5_15_01_22 Release Note

AT becomes a lib attached to esp_iot_sdk.
Programming guide in “document” shows APIs for user to define their own AT commands.
AT bin files are in \esp_iot_sdk\bin\at,please pay attention to the “readme.txt”.

Fix bugs:
1、Incorrect status got by API : wifi_station_get_connect_status;
2、Sniffer can not quit without restart;
3、wifi_station_ap_change always return true;
4、TCP connection issues

Add APIs:
1、system_deep_sleep_set_option: set what the chip will do when deep-sleep wake up;
3、wifi_station_ap_get_info : get information of AP that ESP8266 station connected.
4、wifi_station_dhcpc_status & wifi_softap_dhcps_status : get DHCP status
5、smart config APIs, more details in documents.
6、add beacon_interval parameter in struct softap_config
7、espconn_recv_hold and espconn_recv_unhold to block TCP receiving data and unblock it.
8、AT APIs to let user define their own AT, more details in documents.

1、light sleep、modem sleep、deep sleep
2、compile method:./ ,then follow the tips and steps.
3、when no buffer for os_malloc,return NULL instead of malloc assert.
4、users can enable #define USE_OPTIMIZE_PRINTF in user_config.h to remove strings of os_printf from ram to irom
5、faster the re-connection of ESP8266 station to router after deep-sleep.
6、update to boot v1.2 to support new format user.bin;
7、update ARP
8、update SSL
9、revised system_deep_sleep,system_deep_sleep(0),set no wake up timer,connect a GPIO to pin RST, the chip will wake up by a falling-edge on pin RST

AT 不再单独 release,而是作为 esp_iot_sdk 的库
document 文件夹中的编程手册说明 API, 用户可自定义 AT command
AT bin 位于 \esp_iot_sdk\bin\at ,请注意 readme.txt

2、Sniffer 无法退出必须重启;
3、wifi_station_ap_change 总是返回 TRUE;
4、TCP 连接的一些问题

1、system_deep_sleep_set_option: 设置 deep sleep 醒来后的行为;
3、wifi_station_ap_get_info : 获取 ESP8266 station 连接过的 AP 信息.
4、wifi_station_dhcpc_status & wifi_softap_dhcps_status :读取 DHCP 状态;
5、smart config APIs,具体请参见说明文档。
6、在结构体 softap_config 中新增 beacon_interval 参数
7、espconn_recv_hold and espconn_recv_unhold :阻塞 和 停止阻塞 TCP 收包.
8、AT系列接口,让用户可以自定义 AT 指令。具体请参见说明文档。

1、修改部分休眠策略,light sleep、modem sleep、deep sleep,减小电流;
2、修改Makefile、ld及生成bin的流程,编译指令:./ ,根据提示输入参数.
3、修改os_malloc,当分配不到内存时返回NULL,不再 assert;
4、内存优化,重新定义os_printf,将字符串置于irom段,如需使用优化后的os_printf,请在user_config.h中定义USE_OPTIMIZE_PRINTF;(采用irom换dram的方式,但会增加irom的用量 )
5、优化deep sleep 醒来后 station 连接流程,缩短 station 连入路由需耗时间;
6、更新boot v1.2,支持新格式的user.bin;
7、更新 ARP
8、更新 SSL

Thanks for your interest in ESP8266 !
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Re: esp_iot_sdk_v0.9.5_15_01_23

Postby ESP_Faye » Mon Jan 26, 2015 9:57 am

So sorry that we have mistakes in esp_iot_sdk_v0.9.5 :oops:

Thanks pvvx for bug reporting

This patch fixed:
1) system_print_meminfo(); heap size printf error
2) uint8 beacon_interval; change to uint16

please unzip the attachment, rename them and replace "user_interface.h" and "libmain.a"

Thanks for your interest in ESP8266 ! ;)
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Re: ESP8266 SDK (esp_iot_sdk_v0.9.5_15_01_23)

Postby ESP_Alfred » Tue Jan 27, 2015 3:05 pm

If you want to use smart config demo API to configure device.

please unzip the attachment, rename them and replace "libsmartconfig.a".

Add sending the UDP packets as "ACK" after connected to AP
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Re: esp_iot_sdk_v0.9.5_15_01_23

Postby ESP_Faye » Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:54 pm

Revised documents:
1、Example of wifi_station_get_ap_info
2、added system_init_done_cb
2C-SDK-Espressif IoT SDK 编程手册_v0.9.5_修正版.pdf
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2C-SDK-Espressif IoT SDK Programming Guide_v0.9.5_revised.pdf
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