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Please do NOT use this old version SDK, use the latest SDK instead.
请勿使用本旧版本 SDK,建议使用 最新发布 SDK

Since the launch of the Espressif Bug Bounty Program beginning on March 20, 2015, we’ve received some important bug reports across the world which have helped us a lot in improving our SDK and our support to customers as well. We’d like to name them in our release note to show our great appreciations to all of the reporters for their feedback.

ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_V1.1.1_15_06_05 Release Note
Resolved Issues(Bugs below are eligible for Bug Bounty Program):
1.Too short timer which set by os_arm_timer_us may cause crash. [Tommy]
2.Call os_malloc in low heap situation may cause crash. [MeneerThijs]
3.Memory leak issue when SSL connection fail. [孙新虎]

1.Update JSON parser to handle with illegal parameter and illegal calling progress.
2.Add parameter of user_esp_platform_check_ip in user_websever.c which in IOT_Demo.
3.Update UART driver to solve the problem that if send data through UART while ESP8266 startup may cause UART invalid.
4.Update smartconfig to version 2.2, corresponding phone APP v0.3.2. And update the description and example of smartconfig_start in document "2C_ESP8266__Programming Guide"
5.Update code in iram to solve the problem that space for text is not enough.
6.Update PWM driver and provide libpwm.a in esp_iot_sdk, so if using pwm, please update makefile refer to the makefile in SDK_v1.1.1 IoT_Demo example. Update PWM APIs in "2C_ESP8266__Programming Guide", more details in "Added APIs" below.
7.Revised issue that multicast may fail in ESP8266 softAP mode.
8.Update folder "driver",add folder "driver_lib" in \esp_iot_sdk\examples , add "hw_timer.c" about frc1 hardware timer.
9.Remove useless driver code in IOT_Demo
10.Update IOT_Demo to use the latest PWM driver in light demo.
11.Provide liblwip_536.a of which MSS size is 536
12.Revised issue that boot may fail when 80Mhz SPI clock selected
13.Update esp_init_data_default.bin about RF option in \esp_iot_sdk\bin

Added APIs:
Updated: pwm_init,add parameter to set PWM channel and GPIO pin
(1)get_pwm_version:get version information of PWM driver
(2)pwm_set_period:set PWM period
(3)pwm_get_period:get PWM period
(1)pwm_set_freq:set PWM frequency
(2)pwm_get_freq:get PWM frequency
2.Read/write flash with protection
(1)system_param_save_with_protect:write data into flash with backup protection
(2)system_param_load:read data which saved into flash with backup protection
3.system_get_rst_info:get information about current startup,it is a normal startup or watch dog reset. struct rst_info is revised from parameter "flag" to "reason" which is introduced in document "2C_ESP8266__Programming Guide"
4.at_response:set AT response
5.at_register_response_func:register a callback for user-define AT response.
6.Update document "2C_ESP8266__Programming Guide" to add description of interrupt definition in ets_sys.h

AT_v0.25 Release Note:
Note: For AT firmware to support FOTA, flash size need to be 1024KB or more than that.
1.Add parameter about UDP local port in command "AT+SAVETRANSLINK"

Added AT command:
1.AT+CIPDINFO:set configuration whether show remote IP and remote port with “+IPD” or not

自从乐鑫信息科技于 2015-03-20 启动 Bug 赏金计划以来,我们收到了一些重要问题反馈及建议,感谢世界各地的开发者对 ESP8266的关注,推动我们的软件更进一步,技术支持团队也得到迅速地成长。我们将在如下发布日志中点名感谢您的帮助。

ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_V1.1.1_15_06_05 Release Note
修正问题(符合乐鑫 Bug 赏金计划):
1.os_arm_timer_us 定时太短的情况下,有可能导致死机重启 [Tommy]
2.内存不足的情况下,调用 os_malloc 可能导致死机重启 [MeneerThijs]
3.SSL连接失败的情况下,可能出现 memory leak [孙新虎]

1.JSON parse 增加异常处理,增强对非法的参数或调用方式的兼容性能
2.更新 IOT_Demo 中的 user_websever.c 中调用 user_esp_platform_check_ip 函数的参数
3.AT 启动过程中,不停向串口发数据,导致串口失效的问题
4.更新 smartconfig 到版本 v2.2 ,对应手机APP v0.3.2。更新文档 "2C_ESP8266__Programming Guide" 中 smartconfig_start 的描述和使用示例
6.更新 PWM 驱动,并提供单独的 libpwm.a,因此如果使用PWM,请参考SDK_v1.1.1 IoT_Demo 中的 makefile 修改您应用中的 makefile 文件。对应更新文档 "2C_ESP8266__Programming Guide" 中 PWM 接口的描述,详见新增 APIs
7.修正 ESP8266 softAP 模式下发送组播包失败的问题;
8.调整 driver 目录结构,在 \esp_iot_sdk\examples 目录下新加 driver_lib,并新增 hw_timer.c 硬件定时器驱动
9.移除 IOT_Demo 中未使用的 driver 代码
10.更新 IOT_Demo,light demo 中使用新版 PWM 驱动
11.单独提供一版 MSS 为 536 的 liblwip.a
12.修正 SPI flash 运行在 80MHz 时无法启动的问题
13.更新了 \esp_iot_sdk\bin 路径下的 esp_init_data_default.bin

新增 APIs
1.更新 PWM API,具体如下:
更新接口: pwm_init,新增参数设置 PWM channel 和 pin 脚
(1)get_pwm_version:查询 PWM 版本信息
(2)pwm_set_period:设置 PWM 周期
(3)pwm_get_period:查询 PWM 周期
(1)pwm_set_freq:设置 PWM 频率
(2)pwm_get_freq:查询 PWM 频率
2.带备份保护的读写 flash 接口
(1)system_param_save_with_protect:使用带 flash 读写保护机制的方式,将数据写入 flash
(2)system_param_load:读取使用 flash 读写保护机制写入的数据
3.system_get_rst_info:查询本次启动的信息,是正常上电,还是由于复位重启。结构体 struct rst_info 参数 "flag" 修改为 "reason",详细介绍可参考文档 "2C_ESP8266__Programming Guide"
4.at_response:设置 AT 响应输出
5.at_register_response_func:注册 at_response 的客制化响应函数
6.文档 "2C_ESP8266__Programming Guide" 新增中断宏定义说明,介绍 ets_sys.h 里的中断宏定义

AT_v0.25 Release Note:
注意:运行 AT 固件,支持云端升级,请使用 1024KB 或以上容量的 flash

1.AT+SAVETRANSLINK,对于 UDP 传输的情况,新增最后一个参数为 UDP local port(可缺省)

新增 AT command
1.AT+CIPDINFO: 开启收到网络数据时,“+IPD”显示 remote IP 和 remote port 信息

Thanks for your interest in ESP8266 !
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Re: esp_iot_sdk_v1.1.1_15_06_05

Postby ESP_Faye » Mon Jun 08, 2015 6:55 pm

Document “2C-ESP8266__SDK__Programming Guide” updated,added description of hardware timer APIs which in hw_timer.c
1.hw_timer_init : initialize hardware timer
2.hw_timer_arm : set a trigger timer delay to enable a hardware timer
3.hw_timer_set_func : set timer callback

Please notice that APIs in hw_timer.c can not be called when PWM APIs are using, because they are using the same hardware timer.

Added a "readme.txt" in folder "driver_lib" to introduce how to use driver code in this folder.

Thanks for your interest in ESP8266 !
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