Sming fileSetContens sometimes resets ESP-WROOM-02

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Sming fileSetContens sometimes resets ESP-WROOM-02

Postby KernelPanic » Thu Nov 09, 2017 12:50 pm

I app I am working on, I am trying to save WiFi credentials on SPI Filesystem with following method:

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void ApplicationSettingsStorage::saveFunction(void *arguments)
    Serial.println("Saving settings...");

    const String json=getJson(false,
                              true); // Passwords are saved, timestamps are updated on every save.


     * Excluded reasons for bug:
     *     - NON-NULL Terminated String: I've explicitliy added "\0" to json variable before saving it to file,
     *                                   same result, random reset
     *     - Memory corruption:

                   json);   // BUG: Here occurs random reset !!!
}   // saveFunction

Now, calling fileSetContent forces whole ESP-WROOM-02 SOMETIMES TO RESET on random occasions. Why?

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