Lost data in transparent transmission - 为什么透传丢数据?

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Lost data in transparent transmission - 为什么透传丢数据?

Postby Ilove8266 » Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:03 pm

Without hardware flow control, data maybe lose in transparent transmission.

ESP8266 firmware supports UART hardware flow control by default.
In order to enable hardware flow control, your ESP8266 hardware module need to support that, too.
If you are using a demo board which bought from Espressif, please connect J63 to enable hardware flow control.

Also we need to use a UART tool which support hardware flow control, for example, "SecureCRT ", select the RTS/CTS as picture below.

I hope this is helpful, thanks for your interest in ESP8266!


如果使用的是从乐鑫购得的 demo 板,请将 J63 跳线接上即可。

同样,串口工具,例如 SecureCRT 也需要设置为硬件流控,勾选附件红框所示的位置即可。


希望这个帖子能帮到大家。 ;)
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