[Release] FAQ List


[Release] FAQ List

Postby ESP_Luna » Fri Jul 31, 2015 12:35 pm

Q1: Which version of ESP8266 firmware should I download? what are the differences?Click here
Q2: How do I flash the program into the chip?Click here
Q3: How do I program the GPIO? Do you have an example? Click here
Q4: What is the power consumption of the chip in operating modes? Can I use a battery? Click here
Q5: What is the difference between RTOS and the non-OS SDK? Click here
Q6: How do I define my own functions in the AT+ commands? How do I pass parameters between them? Click here
Q7: Can I disable the watchdog reset? Click here
Q8: My program triggers the watchdog reset. Why is this so? Click here
Q9: How to put the chip into sleep mode? and what conditions do we need? Click here
Q10: Does the chip support HTTP posting? How do we do that? Click here

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