developer help


developer help

Postby jimmie » Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:16 am

I would like to incorporate the ESP32 or ESP8266 in the following configuration and with the following objectives:
1) ESP32 or ESP8266 connected to a mercury switch.
2) ESP32 or ESP8266 capturing every ON state (of the switch) and generating a Blue-tooth signal (to be captured by a nearby smart-phone).
NOTE: The mercury switch is very small and the whole will be housed in a small wearable container

Is anyone interested? Please reply to
I live in Portland Oregon


Re: developer help

Postby Linna » Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:25 pm


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Re: developer help

Postby DavidKulikowski » Mon Dec 24, 2018 7:03 pm

Please, check your email. I wrote you.

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Re: developer help

Postby samz » Fri Sep 13, 2019 9:34 am

Please check your email.

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developer help

Postby SEGOHOKSINFIG » Fri Sep 27, 2019 11:15 pm

Yes, really. And I have faced it. Let's discuss this question. Here or in PM.

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Re: developer help

Postby martstan » Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:09 pm

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Re: developer help

Postby hannahberry » Thu Nov 12, 2020 3:10 pm

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