How to create MESH Network in ESP-WROOM-02 Wifi Module


Re: How to create MESH Network in ESP-WROOM-02 Wifi Module

Postby ESP_Alen » Thu Aug 25, 2016 3:15 pm

ritesh wrote:Hi Alen,

I have sent some updates as well as some questions regarding ESP MESH Demo firmware on your personal email ID

Have you received my email? if not then inform mo so that I will directly post that information here in running thread.

Sorry, I have not receive your email.
Please post your question here, i will follow up the problem.

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Re: How to create MESH Network in ESP-WROOM-02 Wifi Module

Postby milesstone » Mon Jun 07, 2021 8:24 pm

ritesh wrote:
Espressif_Faye wrote:Hi,

Here is an application of Light device with mesh

Documentation about mesh

Thanks for your interest in ESP8266 !


Thanks for Reply.

I have compiled ESP Light Demo with Mesh.

I have also installed all relevant binaries to all 5 modules successfully without any issue.

Now, How to create MESH Network with one module as Root Device which is connected to my external network Router and all other are Non-Root Nodes?

Also, Do I need Espressif IoT Android App to check Mesh Network are created or not? if yes then tell me version of that APP.

is there any other way to check MESH Network is created with each other and which node is connected with which node and which node is Root Node etc?

Please provide me steps for that.

Ritesh Prajapati

ESP-NOW is super fast! range wise however depends on the module you have. If you have an esp32 module with an external antenna expect to get maximum wifi ranges. But the standard on board antenna only gets about 30 meters with no packet drops.

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