ESP8266 with standard SPI flash

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ESP8266 with standard SPI flash

Postby Marcelotsvaz » Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:32 am

Can the ESP8266 use a flash chip that only supports standard SPI (no DIO nor QIO)?
The "Flash Download Tools v3.6.4" shows FASTRD in the SPI modes and writes 0x04 in the SPI mode byte of the image header, but it returns the following error when i try to write a image:

[2018-07-10 23:21:42,859][ESP8266Loader_spi[1]][espDownloader.pyo][line:457][ERROR]: ESP8266 Chip flash download error esp_write_flash.

I using a ESP8266-01 board with a SST25VF080B flash. I can read the flash id correctly with

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