eagle.app.v6.new.2048.ld vs eagle.app.v6.new.1024.app1/app2.ld

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eagle.app.v6.new.2048.ld vs eagle.app.v6.new.1024.app1/app2.ld

Postby navin_sayan » Tue Sep 13, 2016 12:23 pm


I'm wondering the reason for having single linker script eagle.app.v6.new.2048.ld for flash size 32Mbit (1024KB+1024KB) when selecting option 6 (i.e. size_map=6), in contrast to flash size 32Mbit (512KB+512KB) when selecting option 4 (i.e. size_map=4). The latter uses eagle.app.v6.new.1024.app1/app2.ld based on what image you want to produce, the user1.bin or user2.bin. However, earlier one only uses eagle.app.v6.new.2048.ld. The flash map address for 32Mbit (1024KB+1024KB) is:
user1.bin --> 0x01000
user2.bin --> 0x101000

if we follow the 2 script model (similar to eagle.app.v6.new.1024.app1/app2.ld) for eagle.app.v6.new.2048.ld, then irom0_0_seg fall as follows:
app1 ---> org = 0x40201010, len = 0xE0000
app2 ---> org = 0x40301010, len = 0xE0000 (i.e. 0x40200000 + 0x101010)

1. is this correct?
2. if not, how should it need be?
3. wondering the reason for not including 2048 app2 script in the sdk?
4. is it not possible to map beyond address 0x40300000?

I would appreciate if you could explain this a bit.

thanks in advance

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Re: eagle.app.v6.new.2048.ld vs eagle.app.v6.new.1024.app1/app2.ld

Postby AgentSmithers » Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:07 am

I am having the same issue as we speak. Any enlightenment on it?

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