[R]I tried to purchase some ESP8285 no joy

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[R]I tried to purchase some ESP8285 no joy

Postby KevinA » Mon Oct 17, 2016 3:52 pm

I clicked on your link to the 'store' and ended up at taobao.com - You do know that they only speak Chinese, they have no concept of a multi language web site and they insists on getting your cell number to send you a validation link. For two years now I've tried to setup an account and failed every time, this current generation still can't deal with social media logins or multi language.
I'm sure Espressif will find a means to get their product sold, that is why they exist, but until then I'm taking all Espressif devices off the design table, if you can't purchase product why waste time with prototypes? Shame, I have 10 ESP3212 and 10 PSF-A85 devices on the way.

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Re: I tried to purchase some ESP8285 no joy

Postby ESP_Yuhao » Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:42 am

I'm Yuhao from the Customer Support Team of Espressif. I'm very sorry for the trouble. Purchasing from Taobao is an option for customers located in China only. If you're located outside China, please go to the following link and submit your purchasing request there:
http://espressif.com/en/company/contact ... -questions

Our Business Support team will assist you with purchasing our products directly from Espressif, once you have submit your request.
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