Fake ESP-12F modules?

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Fake ESP-12F modules?

Postby nardev » Sat Jun 01, 2019 10:18 pm

hey guys

did any of you have problems with esp-12F modules from ebay?

I just got 40pcs that i can't say don't work 100% but surely not as other that i used. If i test some basic functionalities, anything with this module is very very slow and in response. However, wifi communication is almost non-existing.

In most cases i can't get IP from the device. And if i get IP, the device can't return any data from the device.

Yet, at the same time, original aithinker module works great and same firmware doesn't have any issues.

Here is short video showing the "fake" module.

I'm wondering if this can be fixed in any way?


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