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Clarifications about modules and performances

Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:14 pm
by Mark81
I'm quite new to ESP8266, I've done just few trials with a third-party module.

I'm working on an extremely low-power sensor and I'm not sure about the performances of the modules.
Here a brief description of my application:

- battery powered (non rechargeable)
- acquire sensors using I2C and analog lines every 5 minutes
- connect to access point and send the data on a TCP socket (HTTP GET)

Of course in the rest of the time I disable all the other circuits on the board (cutting the power with a mosfet).
The goal is to select a battery that will last at least for 150,000 connections to the server.

Here my questions:

1. I read through the datasheets but I cannot find a comparison charts among the modules. Anyway, as far as I understand the WROOM-02 has an MCU onboard, while the WROOM-S2 has just a flash memory. Hence, I could write my application directly in the MCU with -02, or I must use an external MCU to use -S2, right?

2. in the datasheet I find an indication of the power consumption in mA in the various states, but I'm looking for a graph of the actual current consumption versus time. Then I will integrate this curve to estimate the mAh needed to make a connection and an HTTP GET request.

Re: Clarifications about modules and performances

Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:47 pm
by pratik

You're right about -02 being standalone and -s2 requiring an external controller interfaced via SDIO bus.

The power consumption trends depend on a lot of factors, including oscillator frequency, GPIO states, flash power consumption, etc.
For your application, please use a data logger to monitor current consumption over time. The datasheet values are for guidance only.