(RTOS_SDK) mbedtls_ssl_write low memory issue


Re: (RTOS_SDK) mbedtls_ssl_write low memory issue

Postby pratik » Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:43 pm

The sources for LwIP and mbedTLS have always been open and public. You may try to modify the code yourself if you can and share the resultant code if it works. It is really difficult to debug issues on our end because often the connection/disconnection callbacks depend on the routers and when the event happened.
You are responsible for disconnectng all existing connections when WiFi goes out. The LwIP stack can be made to do that, but this is best done in application code itself. Application code can malfunction if the connections just disappeared inside of LwIP in the background.

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Re: (RTOS_SDK) mbedtls_ssl_write low memory issue

Postby davydnorris » Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:04 am

Hi @pratik,

Yes the LwIP and mbedTLS sources are public however the ESP link layer code (the /app directory) was never available, and this is what they have now included in their source releases. It was also an issue because it was never clear exactly what version of the open libraries they were using or whether they had made any code changes to the open parts of the source. This is a huge step forward.

I just saw they have now also released sources to the espconn library in the RTOS SDK. This is fantastic news.

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