Project Configuration for RTOS SDK v2.x.x

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Project Configuration for RTOS SDK v2.x.x

Postby ghoyrm » Sun Jun 03, 2018 1:19 am

Hello All,
I'm new here. However, I'm an experienced C programmer. I am attempting to create work out how to configure and RTOS SDK project. I have copied the RTOS SDK example project-template into my new folder. I have exported the SDK_PATH, IDF_PATH, and BIN_PATH variables as described in the project-template's README file, though the IDF_PATH variable is NOT mentioned in that README, it appears to be necessary as it is referenced in the project-template Makefile. So, I can build a very trivial example, I can flash it to my ESP8266, no problem.

However, I would like to now start to work through my project's configuration, and I have at this point come into some real issues with project configuration, and documentation. I'm sure you all know that there appears to be a sort of lack of updating in the ROS SDK trunk, which is fine, I can submit issues to the repo and support the project in that way.

I am working out a very simple example. I want detect a switch's state using a gpio. I'd like to add an "include" subdirectory to my project-template directory. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out this build system. What's worse, the comments in the make file in the make subdirectory are out of date. Please help.

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