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Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 6:52 pm
by Admin
Please do NOT use this old version SDK, use the latest SDK instead.
请勿使用本旧版本 SDK,建议使用 最新发布 SDK

ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_V1.0.0_15_03_20 release note

Fix bugs:
1、 Interrupt during flash erasing will cause wdt reset;
2、 Read/write rtc memory;
3、 If router disconnect to ESP8266, ESP8266 won’t reconnect;
4、 Connect to router which hid its SSID

Add APIs:
1、system_update_cpu_freq: change CPU frequency;
2、wifi_promiscuous_set_mac: set a mac address filter during sniffer;
3、wifi_set_broadcast_if : set which interface will UDP broadcast send from;

1、Optimize smartconfig to version v1.0;Please don't call any other APIs during SmartConfig.
2、Optimize AT to version;
3、Optimize the protection of system parameters , and add error-check about it;
4、Optimize beacon delay of ESP8266 softAP;
5、Optimize boot to version 1.3(b3);
1>、Add API system_restart_enhance: for factory test, support to load and run program in any specific address;
2>、Add APIs to get boot version and start address of current user bin;
3>、Fix compatibility problem of dual flash;
6、Optimize sniffer, structure sniffer_buf changed, please refer to document;
7、Optimize espconn;
8、Optimize pwm;
9、Other optimize to make the software more reliable;

AT_v0.22 release note

Important Note:
1.AT added some functions so it's larger than before, if you want to compile it, please modify ld files according to the “!!!readme!!!" file.
2."AT+CIUPDATE" , if you use Espressif AT bin(\esp_iot_sdk_v1.0.0\bin\at) directly it will upgrade bin files from Espressif Cloud; if you compiled your own AT, you need to do your own "AT+CIUPDATE" ,we provide a demo(\esp_iot_sdk_v1.0.0\examples\at ) showing upgrade from local server.
3. Previous version of AT,can not upgrade from Espressif Cloud any more,please use this latest AT.

Fix bug:
1、Wrong return value of AT+CIPSTATUS;
2、wdt rest after “0,CONNECT FAIL”;

Add AT commands:
1、 Change AT commands of which configuration will store into flash to two kinds:
XXX_CUR: current,only set configuration,won’t save it into Flash;
XXX_DEF: default, set configuration and save it to Flash
2、Add SmartConfig in AT:
Notice:please refer to the document, call “AT+CWSTOPSMART” to stop SmartConfig first since “AT+CWSTARTSMART”,then call other AT commands. Don’t call any other AT commands during SmartConfig.
3、 AT+SAVETRANSLINK:save transparent transmission link to Flash;
Note:AT+CIPMODE=1 set to enter transparent transmission mode,won‘t save to Flash.

1、at_customLinkMax: set the max link that allowed, most can be 10; if you want to set it, please set it before at_init; if you didn’t set it, the max link allowed is 5 by default.
2、at_enter_special_state/ at_leave_special_state:Enter/leave AT processing state. In processing state, AT core will return “busy” for any further AT commands.
3、at_set_custom_info:set custom version information of AT which can be got by AT+GMR;
4、at_get_version:get version information of AT lib .

1、 Add UDP remote ip and remote port is allowed to be parameters of “AT+CIPSEND”
2、 Move “AT+CIUPDATE” from lib to AT demo(\esp_iot_sdk\examples\at), AT demo shows how to upgrade AT firmware from a local server. Notice that AT upgrade the bin files name have to be "user1.bin" and "user2.bin".
3、 Optimize “AT+CIPSTA”, add gateway and netmask as parameters
4、 Optimize transparent transmission.

Known issues:
1. DHCP client may get wrong IP address
2. Lib c string issue
3. wifi_station_get_connect_status won‘t change immediately.

Thanks for your interest in ESP8266 !

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ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_V1.0.0_15_03_20 release note


新增 APIs:
1、system_update_cpu_freq: 调整 CPU 频率;
2、wifi_promiscuous_set_mac: sniffer模式设置过滤mac接口;
3、wifi_set_broadcast_if : 设置广播包默认发送接口;

4、优化softAP模式下beacon delay;
1>、支持增强跳转功能,用于产测,新增API: system_restart_enhance;
2>、新增 boot 相关查询接口,详见文档;
3>、修正对dual flash的支持问题;
6、 调整 sniffer 接收数据结构体 sniffer_buf,不包含数据,详见文档;
7、 修改espconn部分功能;
8、 pwm驱动更新;
9、 其他修正及优化;

AT_v0.22 release note

1.AT 由于新增一些功能,占用空间增多,如果您需要编译 AT,请参考“!!!readme!!!" 文件进行修改.
2."AT+CIUPDATE" :如果您直接使用 Espressif 提供的 AT bin(\esp_iot_sdk_v1.0.0\bin\at) ,它将从 Espressif Cloud 下载升级 AT 软件; 如果您自行编译了AT代码,您需要自行实现 "AT+CIUPDATE" 功能,我司提供了一个本地升级的 Demo (\esp_iot_sdk_v1.0.0\examples\at ) 供您参考.
3. 之前版本的 AT 软件不再支持 Espressif 官方升级,请更新到最新版本的 AT 软件.

1、修正 AT+CIPSTATUS 的状态错误;
2、打印 0,CONNECT FAIL 后,看门狗复位的问题;

新增AT commands:
1、 对于之前版本中设置会保存到Flash的AT 指令扩展(详见AT指令集附录):
XXX_CUR: 表示当前设置掉电不保存,不会保存到 Flash 中;
XXX_DEF: 表示当前设置掉电保存,会保存到Flash中
2、 AT新增SmartConfig功能:

1、at_customLinkMax:用户自定义最大网络连接数的全局变量,最大可为10, 必须在at_init之前设置,否则默认最大连接数为5.
2、at_enter_special_state/ at_leave_special_state:进入/退出AT指令执行态,AT执行态表示正在执行某条AT指令,不响应其他AT指令,返回busy;
4、at_get_version:获取 AT lib 的版本信息。

1、 新增AT+SAVETRANSLINK接口用于保存透传连接,AT+CIPMODE不再将配置保存到Flash
2、 在udp模式下,添加AT+CIPSEND设置UDP 对端的port和ip
3、 将AT+CIUPDATE指令从lib库中移到AT demo中(\esp_iot_sdk\examples\at),demo中实现了用本地服务器,进行本地升级的示例代码. 注意,AT 升级bin文件名称必须为“user1.bin”和“user2.bin”
4、 扩展AT+CIPSTA指令,可以设置gateway和netmask
5、 优化透传功能

1. DHCP client 可能获得不正确的 IP 地址
2. C 库函数中 string 的问题
3. wifi_station_get_connect_status 状态不会立刻更新.

感谢您对 ESP8266 的关注!


Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:23 am
by ESP_Faye

Document "2C-SDK-Espressif IoT SDK Programming Guide" updates as the attachment.

Thanks for your interest in ESP8266 !


Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 2:30 pm
by ESP_Faye

Document “4A-ESP8266 AT Instruction Set” updates as the attachment.

Thanks for your interest in ESP8266 !

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