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Share SSL Code

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 3:48 pm
by huafan
I met a lot of difficulties in debugging SSL,very long time,I want to share it, lest anyone detours.
Thanks also to help a lot of ESP8266 official forum staff are given.
1 using SDK V1.0.1_b2 IOT demo,open #define CLIENT_SSL_ENABLE,configuration connection AP and SSL server IP and port,
2 using the new cert.h and private_key.h.
2 compile time using the new libssl.a file.
3 compile and file, if it is the 512KB FLASH needs to be generated
Eagle.flash.bin eagle.irom0text.bin
Because the compiled BIN file is too big, can only support this way.
4 build SSL server. The attachment with a simple SSL server source code.
Set the SSL port on the config.txt.
5 let the device connected to the SSL server.
Exchange and discussion.


1 使用SDK V1.0.1_b2 IOT demo,打开宏定义#define CLIENT_SSL_ENABLE,配置上连接的AP和SSL的服务器IP和端口,
2 使用新的cert.h 和 private_key.h.
2 编译的时候使用最新的libssl.a 文件.
3 编译并生成文件,如果是 512KB 外部FLASH需要生成
eagle.flash.bin eagle.irom0text.bin
4 搭建SSL服务器.附件中带有 简单的SSL服务器带源码.
5 让设备连接到SSL服务器

附件中含一个SSL Server和SSL Client,截图为设备连接后发送的数据截图.

Re: Share SSL Code

Posted: Sun May 31, 2015 8:03 am
by rudi
..over 80 download'S

and it has still no thanks?
I now change times.
and start:

(espressif-admin) where is the 1000 thank button? ;)

BIG big thank to you huafan

run's stable in first test.. and i think - is stable enough for longer time,
txs huafan!

best wishes

rudi ;-)

Re: Share SSL Code

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:19 pm
by ldsheng
thx a lot.
I'll study it first.