wifi user IE explanation

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wifi user IE explanation

Postby impulstek » Tue Jun 06, 2017 11:29 pm

Looking at 2.0.0 non-os SDK, inside the user_interface.h file, there declared some functions, callback, and enum as follow:

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enum {

typedef void (*user_ie_manufacturer_recv_cb_t)(uint8 type, const uint8 sa[6], const uint8 m_oui[3], uint8 *ie, uint8 ie_len, int rssi);

bool wifi_set_user_ie(bool enable, uint8 *m_oui, uint8 type, uint8 *user_ie, uint8 len);
int wifi_register_user_ie_manufacturer_recv_cb(user_ie_manufacturer_recv_cb_t cb);
void wifi_unregister_user_ie_manufacturer_recv_cb(void);

But I can't find any explanation in non-os sdk documentation but available in RTOS sdk, under 4.14 User IE APIs section, but the information are not clear.
I just assume IE are custom Information Element, am I right? are those functionalities only available using RTOS SDK? and what are the use cases?

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