Is it possible to connect non-mesh-devices to the mesh?

Lukas F.
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Is it possible to connect non-mesh-devices to the mesh?

Postby Lukas F. » Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:17 am

Hey, greetings from Germany once more,

I'll come straight to the point:

1. Is it possible to connect to the mesh network from e.g. a Raspberry Pi or so? I'm using the mesh to communicate MQTT-messages to a broker (my server), but I've got client-instances running on a few RPIs as well and I don't want to establish a second "normal" network only for those few devices. Unlike other hidden networks, I can neither connect to the mesh-nodes from my laptop nor from any other non-mesh ESP...

2. This leads to my second question: Even if I would be somehow able to connect to a mesh node, is it even possible to configure the mesh to forward the Pis' messages to the broker? I know, that there is a compile option for the lwip library to enable IP-forwarding, but I'm a) not sure, if that alone will do the trick and b) would I have to know, how I would have to configure the rest of the lib as well since the version in the mesh-SDK is not the "normal" one from the NONOS-SDK.

I hope you guys can help me. :-)
If I should succeed in this matter, I'm willing to provide my code for all other strugglers out there.



Edit: Okay, I managed to connect to a mesh-node from another non-mesh-node, but still not from one of my Pis...

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