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GT511C3 Fingerprint sensor with ESP8266 and FreeRTOS

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 7:39 pm
by batman
Hi, I want to use GT511C3 with ESP8266 using FreeRTOS, as there is no existing driver, I am trying to write one. What I am facing problem in, is the Serial communication with the Sensor. The Sensor has a Rx and Tx pins for serial comm(I am guessing UART), I looked at its library in Arduino driver for this sensor and they are using SoftareSerial.h for serial read/write operations. I need to send a command packet of 12 bytes and then receive a response packet of 12 bytes. I tried sending the data byte by byte using putchar and recieve using getchar but I didn't receive any response. So basically i need to create something like a softwareserial.h in esp-open-rtos. Any Help?