ESP8266 development difficulties

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ESP8266 development difficulties

Postby prismatics » Tue Jul 07, 2015 6:03 am

Hi there.

Apparently, ESP8266 does not offer good efficiency characteristics. I have been scrambling everything to find out as much as possible, but the question still remains:

Which registers are used to change the behavior of the integrated PLL or the main clock for the CPU?
Which registers are used to change the behavior (or turn off) the integrated peripherials like WiFi, serial communication, SPI and other stuff?

It is very sad that there is absolutely no documentation on the peripherials / the device itself with the registers explained. The ESP8266 would offer so much more possibilities if it was just more open. The SDK does offer very helpful APIs, but that is simply not enough. :( In this state of the SDK there are following problems which make using ESP8266 hard and force me to use a competitive solution:

- Closed SDK, nearly no possibility to low-level program ESP8266
- lack of documentation on pheripherials like WiFi, HSPI, serial, I2C etc.
- No low-level access on a register basis (because there is no datasheet which tells us the registers for the hardware)

I truly hope that the espressif team can change the mind on development for the ESP8266 and make it easy for hobbyist programmers and low-level software engineers to create interesting devices and create products which can be incorporated in commercial solutions and enrich peoples lives.

Have a nice day and best regards,

Christian from Germany :)

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