Fail when trying to flash ESP13 firmware

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Fail when trying to flash ESP13 firmware

Postby flacidsnake » Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:04 am


I'm trying to use this Arduino Leonardo

With this ESP13 shield

The shield I received it's different to the one you can see at the link. It's an ESP-WROOM-02 and it came with the DoIt firmware. The DoitWiFi_config webserver says it's version 2.2 based on ESP8266 SDK 1.4.0 (2015).

I uploaded this sketch to Leonardo to use it as a USBTTL in order to flash the firmware of the shield.

Code: Select all

void setup() {

void loop() {
  if (Serial.available()) {      // If anything comes in Serial (USB),
    Serial1.write(;   // read it and send it out Serial1 (pins 0 & 1)

  if (Serial1.available()) {     // If anything comes in Serial1 (pins 0 & 1)
    Serial.write(;   // read it and send it out Serial (USB)

I'm trying to flash the Doit firmware to the AT firmware included in the latest version of ESP8266_NONOS_SDK.

I get "Chip sync error esp_sync_blocking". Both Leonardo and the shield are set at 115200 (I configured the shield using the DoitWiFi_config webserver).

Links below are pictures of the board, the shield and the results I got from ESP Flash Download Tool 3.6.4.

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