ESP8266 Cascaded WiFi network

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ESP8266 Cascaded WiFi network

Postby jperbar409 » Fri Jun 03, 2016 6:04 am

Hi @ll, from Spain,

We have resolved the way to create a Cascaded network using several ESP8266

If you want to see the system working watch this video, in Spanish.. it will be translated into English soon

In this video you can see several networks...

a) One called PASILLO_IZQUIERDO. We have an ESP8266 working both as AP and STA. As AP runs 4 TCP servers listening to 4 different ports ... Then 4 different ESP8266 connect to the servers sending data from a DHT11 sensor
As STA connects to a higher node called PLANTA using a new TCP connection

b) One called PASILLO_DERECHO, working the same way as PASILLO_IZQUIERDO does

c) Now we have a new node called PLANTA, in a higher level,working as well both as AP and STA. This node runs 4 different TCP servers, who could connect to 4 different PASILLO nodes, whereby we can connect up to 16 DHT11 sensors

Then, this node connects as STA to a router ( not needed ) that creates a new network called IESLASLAGUNAS

d) We have a PC connected to IESLASLAGUNAS WiFI network and therefore to PLANTA node. The PC run a server, and PLANTA node connects to it as a client. The PC runs a sketch in Processing, so you must see the 8 sensors sending data simultaneously. The payload is i.e,


3eE is the DHT11 node identifier ( red and yellow boxes are DHT11 nodes )
M:000123 is merely a simple counter, identifying the number of measure. Useful to check if we lose any packet
T:25 temperatyre
H:34 humidity

You can see the eight nodes watch the data identifiers ... "3eB" "3eC" "3eD" ·3eE" and so on for "4eB"...

We can cascade as many higher nodes as we desire, between PLANTA node and the PC. A new one could give us up to 64 DHT11 sensors! And a new one 256 and so on. Every added node multiply by 4 the number of terminal nodes

Thats all, an impressive job. My students and I made the whole project. We would like you to rise your thumbs by us

Jose Luis Perez
Tech Senior Teacher
IES Las Lagunas

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Re: ESP8266 Cascaded WiFi network

Postby gmag11 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 5:48 am

Hi José Luis,

I've seen your youtube video. This project is very interesting. ESP8266 has endless possibilities.

Maybe you'd like to have a look to our PainlessMesh library for ESP8266 with Arduino IDE. It is quite easy to use and probably it may fit you project quite well.

It is available on

Some documentation and a couple examples are included there.

If you like it (and if you don't) please send me as many comments as you think in order to improve it.

Un saludo,

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