looking for programmer _ microcontroller with ESP Wifi adaptor

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looking for programmer _ microcontroller with ESP Wifi adaptor

Postby Imlookingforhelp » Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:23 pm


We chose ESP8266 but we don't have any experience with Wifi (ESP8266) and we are overloaded with programming basic functions on our microcontroller (TI). Therefore, I'm looking for an external programmer with ESP experience to help us add Wifi functionality (station mode, connect to AP) fast and easy. That means, to help us, via Skype / VSEE / other / email setting up the right development environment (SDK? IDE? Probably several bugs will occur during installation) and also to help us with the actual coding of the Wifi functionality (ESP as Wifi adaptor, probably over UART and probably non-OS).

If interested, pls send us your references (past projects done?) and the budget (hourly tariff and time needed?) you require to help us to set up the development environment , send us starting code for our microcontroller and then help us to adapt our code and answer our questions (be standby during specific days).



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