Mesh Version


Mesh Version

Postby ESP_Alen » Thu Aug 25, 2016 7:39 pm

1. Two tx queues to reduce delay of packet.
One is used for online packet, and the other one is used for local packet.
If the path to server (online packet), local path still works.
2. RSSI revise automatically. Used to select good parent node.
Root will hold mesh and recover mesh when router is crash.
If the router is crash, the root holds current mesh and make it work.
When router recovers with the same channel, root will connect router automatically.
3. Support softAP mesh with router.
If you want to setup mesh without router, please use SoftAP mesh.
4. Switch local mesh and online mesh automatically (Ping).
If the path to server is crash, the root will switch to local mesh automatically.
After the path to server works again, the root will switch online mesh automatically.
5. Improve tx scheduler and route table.
Allocate route table on-demand.
6. Add broadcast request for mesh quick ie.
7. Break loop wait in selection of parent.
8. Fix fatal exception in LWIP.
9. Provide API to set time used by SoftAP to kick STA.
10.Remove useless packet caused by ieee80211 null data. ... tag/v1.3.1

1. Root candidate to fix limited capacity of router
When more than 20 devices connect router simultaneously, the router will crash sometimes.
We limit the count of root candidates according to RSSI from router.
2. Fix the failure of TCP server
3. Fix the bug of system reset
Fix the cross-border access of route table.
4. Fix the bug of tcp delay. ... tag/v1.3.2

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Re: Mesh Version

Postby Duke » Mon Dec 05, 2016 3:51 pm

Thank you!

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