some question about demo_mesh

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some question about demo_mesh

Postby LPerezBustos » Sat Dec 24, 2016 3:32 am

Hi, I'm trying to figure our how the code of ESP-MESH works. I compiled the demo_mesh folder and flashed the files in the right memory addresses. I've worked with 4 esp8266's from NodeMCU. The 4 modules are sending data to the server and receiving the 'echo' response. I've some question that hope you could answer :D :

1) Which layer of OSI model or TCP/IP stack esp-mesh takes place ? I used a network analyzer to "sniff" the packet from root node to AP-Server and I looked that some information that I read using UART is encapsulated as "TCP Data". The routing process through the mesh is done using part of the TCP payload? :|
2) The 4 modules are sending data to the server but actually I don't know how the mesh topology is made. By reading the info from serial terminal connected to root node I guess that the others 3 nodes are connected directly to root and not forming a tree like the guide of demo-mesh says. I spread the nodes around the house and when one of them is not in range of root node it failed to connect in the mesh.
3) demo-mesh use the esp8266 dual (SoftAP+STA) mode but I can't find other SSID's. Sometimes I scan WiFi networks around the house and I get the network from root node with the name expected in user_config.h "MESH_DEMO_X_YYYYYY" but I think that there shoud be another 3 networks corresponding each module.
4) The mesh is only for esp8266 modules or another end-device (smartphone,laptop,tablet...) could be a leaf and send packets only to SoftAP in the upper level?
5) A device that is new in the mesh and have two or more SoftAP's in range, who of them is going to be selected ? It depends on RSSI or how many clients each SoftAP has?

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