ESPTOUCH Discussion: SSID encoding related

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ESPTOUCH Discussion: SSID encoding related

Postby afunx » Fri Apr 24, 2015 5:32 pm

It is a hard choice.

For different AP has different encoding charset.
For Android device, some product use UTF-8, some product use GBK, and etc. The most unbelievable thing occur to me is that one android phone support both UTF-8 and GBK when scan AP's SSID.

For IOS, the iphone use UTF-8 charset.

So we use UTF-8 as the default charset.

If it lead to configure fail all the time, please try another charset.
I think that we could hint the user: "We only support SSID is ASCII" if the configured AP's SSID isn't ASCII.
It is hard to decide, so I let ESPTOUCH v0.2.1 could be set the encoding charset.

For Android:
In public static final String ESPTOUCH_ENCODING_CHARSET = "UTF-8";

For IOS:
In ESP_ByteUtil.h: #define ESPTOUCH_NSStringEncoding NSUTF8StringEncoding

I don't think it is a wise solution to let the user choose the encoding charset. What's your opinion?
Please write down your view, and let us make ESPTOUCH better for both of developers and users.

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