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Lost connectivity and device names on all accounts

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 11:50 pm
by ScottR
On or about January 15th - 16th all my devices lost connectivity with the server. They were under different accounts, at different locations, in different networks - all lost connection to the server suddenly after many months of working properly. At the same time, suddenly the app can no longer download the names of the devices - they show up as just ESP_XXXXX instead of the custom names we have given the devices. When I log into the various accounts, I see the devices there, with the custom names that were assigned - but the app can no longer download the names, and the devices can no longer communicate with the server. Local control between the app and the devices still works.

Please help! It appears something has gone wrong with the Espressif server because it is affecting all of my devices and the app.